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Martha Giudici

Who is Martha Giudici? She is without doubt one of Unity's most dynamic speakers. In Ellen Debenport's new book The Five Principles, Martha Giudici is credited by Connie Fillmore for inspiring the Five Unity Principles. Debenport writes,

She (Connie Fillmore) credits in particular Martha Giudici, who taught generations of Unity Ministers, for explaining universal principles in a way people could grasp ... "She was a really good teacher with the fundamentals. My mind resonated with her mind, just the idea of making them not too difficult to understand -- not too wordy, not to high-falutin'. Just make them so people who might not know anything at all about Unity or metaphysics would be able to say, 'Oh, that makes sense.'"

I encourage anyone who knew Martha to add a comment below.

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Submitted by Anonymous on

Martha Giudici was my Auntie. She and my Grandmother Verena and then Frank Giudici when he married Aunt Mart Mart all blessed me with their wisdom all my life. I have been so very blessed that they were for so many years just a phone call away in any need. Kicked my butt and sent me on my road. The last I was with her [Martha] was during the transition of my mother, her sister Esther. Mom spoke to her most of the days and nights. I was so relieved that Mart Mart was there to "escort" Mom through the door. I love you all and I miss all of you! Frank made his transition on Fathers Day 2010.
My grand mother would take me to the Unity church [in San Pablo I believe] as an infant, I was called The Unity Baby. I am so grateful to the lord that I have been placed in the care of these Angels on earth. I pray I can be the blessing to others that they have been to me.
Valerie Netto

Submitted by Leslie on

Mart Mart
I thank God for the way He works
She has blessed and still is

Submitted by Blair Tabor on

Martha Giudici was not my first meditation teacher, but she introduced me to a depth and a breadth of meditation that still blesses me.

One of her favorite starting points for meditation was, "I am present in God; God is present in me."

Submitted by Greg DiVilbiss on

I believe the first program I ever had on meditation was Martha speaking. I purchased it sometime in the late 70's or early 80's. Principles were taught in that tape program that I still use today.

Submitted by Gregory Barrette on

Martha Giudici was the catalyst for my first real exposure to Unity's prosperity teachings. I was too metaphysically cool, so when she told me that I had to play the organ for her Unity Village Chapel series on Prosperity, I wanted to say "no". But somehow the words wouldn't come out of my mouth. When I told her "I have to pray about it", she replied in Martha fashion "Oh, you're going to do it". I went to the Peace Chapel and asked and couldn't deny the "yes". I spent those six weeks being pissed off but my income tripled. At one point during that time, I jokingly asked for a free car and ten minutes later, a woman I did not know looked right at me and offered me hers. Martha had some serious mojo.