Resources for SEE Students

Bible Interpretation
Ed Rabel 1976 New Testament Lectures
The Feast and Guests (Fillmore)
You Cannot Be My Disciples (Fillmore)
Take Shoes and Wallets and Two Swords (Fillmore)
The Defrauding Steward (Fillmore)
Herbert J. Hunt: A Study of the New Testament
Mysteries of Genesis
The Rich Man and Lazarus (Fillmore)
I Am the Bread of Life (Fillmore)
Mysteries of the Four Gospels
Audio Recordings for Meditation
Charles Roth - The Beatitudes
2016 Metaphysical Bible Gathering Video and Links
Home - Metaphysical Bible Gathering
2016 Metaphysical Bible Gathering Attendees
2016 Metaphysical Bible Gathering Registration
Progress Unfoldment (Fillmore)
The Door (Fillmore)
This Generation Shall Not Pass Away (Fillmore)
How Do We Drink the Blood of Jesus Christ (Fillmore)
The Great Passover (Fillmore)
Unity Bible Lessons (1895-1965)
Metaphysical Bible Study Guides (MBSG)
Who Should Be the Greatest (Fillmore)
USRS Bible Interpretation
Things That Defile (Fillmore)
We Cannot Conceal Anything From Spirit (Fillmore)
The Great Demonstration (Fillmore)
BI-604 Metaphysical Bible Interpretation: Acts to Revelation
The Word (Fillmore)
Importunity (Fillmore)
Changing the Mind and Growing Upward (Fillmore)
Healing the Woman Bowed Down Eighteen Years (Fillmore)
2017 Metaphysical Bible Gathering Agenda & Audio Replays
2016 Metaphysical Bible Gathering
2016 Metaphysical Bible Gathering Location
2016 Metaphysical Bible Gathering Sponsors
The Bible and Eternal Punishment
Sending Forth the Seventy (Fillmore)
2016 Metaphysical Bible Gathering Speakers
Not Peace But a Sword (Fillmore)
The Book of Revelation Revealed
An Overview of the Old Testament
What We Can Learn From Genesis
Your Hope of Glory
Fillmore Study Bible (ASV)
Introduction to The Fillmore Study Bible
Let There Be Light
Fillmore Bible Society
Ed Rabel: Basic Self Knowledge (Video)
How Unity Interprets the Bible
2016 Metaphysical Bible Gathering Slideshow
Ed Rabel 1975 Old Testament Lectures
Fillmore Festival 1998 - Barbara Young
2017 Metaphysical Bible Gathering Location
2017 Metaphysical Bible Gathering Speakers
Charles Fillmore Mysteries of John
2017 Metaphysical Bible Gathering Sponsors
Revealing Word
2017 Metaphysical Bible Gathering Attendees
2017 Metaphysical Bible Gathering Registration
Ed Rabel - Words of Jesus (Video and Transcript)
Fillmore Study Bible (ASV)
Metaphysical Bible Dictionary
2016 Metaphysical Bible Gathering Agenda
Background of New Thought
Background of New Thought
Ponderings by Catherine Ponder
Background of New Thought
Antecedents of New Thought (Multimedia)
John Rankin Sermons at Unity Houston
The Mysticism of Emma Curtis Hopkins
Mysteries of the Christos
Lessons In Truth
Emilie Cady — How I Used Truth (Text)
Correspondence School Lesson Annotations
Lessons in Truth Chart (Unity Minister's Assoc)
Lessons in Truth (Audio)
Lessons in Truth: Front Matter
Lessons in Truth Chart (Hand Drawn)
Vera Dawson Tait Teaches Lessons in Truth
Lessons in Truth (Text)
Lessons in Truth Chart
Emilie Cady — God A Present Help (Text)
Charles Roth on Lessons In Truth
How To Study the Book of Revelation
The Book of Revelation (Audio and Transcript)
On The Air (Audio and Transcript)
Unity Metaphysics Tan Book 2
Unity Metaphysics Tan Book 1
The Unreality of Matter by Leo Virgo
Joseph Wolpert: Classical Christianity and Unity
The Fourth Dimension Plus
On Wings Of Truth (Video)
Ed Rabel: Basic Self Knowledge (Video)
Unity Metaphysics Blue Book 1
Practical Metaphysics (Audio and Transcript)
Jesus Christ's Atonement
You Have The Power
Christian Healing (Home Page)
Vera Dawson Tait - Christian Healing
How Unity has taught Metaphysics
Correspondence School - Lesson 6 - The Great Demonstration
Correspondence School - Lesson 5 - Overcoming
The Unreality of Matter by Charles Fillmore
Unity Metaphysics Blue Book 2
Ed Rabel - Metaphysics Lectures (Video)
The Mental Equivalent
Imelda Shanklin: What Are You?
1939 Dissertation on Unity
Metaphysical Bible Dictionary
Revealing Word
Fillmore Festival 1998 - Richard Billings
History of the Unity Movement
Unity's Seventy Years of Faith and Works—1959
Unity's Fifty Golden Years
Development of the Unity Movement
What is Practical Christianity?
Fillmore Family
Myrtle Fillmore - Wee Wisdom's Way
About Unity Tracts
What Practical Christianity Stands For
Methods and Ideals
Fillmore Festival 1998 - Victor Williams
Statement of Faith (Home)
You Must Have A Library
James Dillet Freeman - The Household of Faith
Silent Unity Christmas
Unity Magazine
1939 Dissertation on Unity
On Wings Of Truth (Video)
The Life published by A.P. Barton
Silent Video of Unity in 1926
All The Way
History of DAILY WORD (Audio)
James Dillet and Billie Freeman Reflect on Unity (Audio)
Essence of Unity
Management Skills
A Manual of Special Unity Services (1937)
The First Five Years
Correspondence School - Lesson 4 - Body of Christ
Methods and Ideals
Tim Cook Interview of James Dillet Freeman
What Does It Mean To Be a Minister?
Atom-Smashing Power of Mind by Charles Fillmore
Ed Rabel "Holy Spirit The Comforter"
Ed Rabel "Nothing But Good"
Why Not Be Rich? by Martha Giudici
Prosperity by Charles Fillmore
Keep a True Lent by Charles Fillmore
The Master's Way of Giving
All Sufficiency In All Things
The Master's Way of Receiving
On Wings Of Truth (Video)
Martha Giudici "The Kinesthetic Body"
Spiritual Economics Study Resources
Jesus Christ Heals by Charles Fillmore
Talks on Truth by Charles Fillmore
Ponderings by Catherine Ponder
The Providing Law
Correspondence School - Lesson 3 - Prosperity
Martha Giudici "Mini-Lessons on Prosperity"
May Rowland - Come Ye Apart Awhile
Prayer, Its Practice and Its Answer
To Whom Do We Pray
Front Matter
The Prayer of Gratitude
Prayer, Its Practice and Its Answer Class by Eleanor Fleming (Sept 2016)
The Origin and Purpose of Prayer
The Prayer of Asking
What Prayer Can Do For You
The Lord's Prayer (tract)
Loose Him and Let Him Go
Correspondence School - Lesson 1 - Prayer
Fillmore Festival 1998 - Jeff Stacey
Home - Advent 3 - I Behold The Christ In You
The Master's Way of Prayer
Prayer Applied to the Physical Plane
Answers to Prayer
The Prayer of Command
The Prayer of Silence (Part Two)
The Prayer of Silence (Part One)
The Prayer of Believing
On Wings Of Truth (Video)
May Rowland - Healing Workshop - Tape 1
Prayer for a Loved One
Creation and Recreation by E.V. Ingraham
Effectual Prayer
The World of Meditation (Home)
Life of Prayer II - Effectual Prayer
221 I Behold The Christ In You
Come Ye Apart Awhile
049 The Prayer of Faith
A Drill in the Silence
Jenny Croft
Life of Prayer I - Teach Us To Pray
Teach Us To Pray by Charles & Cora Fillmore
The Silence by E.V. Ingraham
Methods of Meditation by Jenny Croft
James Dillet Freeman - Angels Sing In Me (Audio)
May Rowland - Healing Workshop - Tape 3
Redeeming Prayer
You Have The Power
Points for Members of Silent Unity
May Rowland I Feel The Presence Of God (Audio and Transcript)
Dealing With Stress — Front Matter
The Vegetarian — Weekly Unity 1911-1916
Tithing As a Means of Demonstrating Prosperity
Practical Christianity
The Kingdom of Heaven Is At Hand
Heal The Sick
The Healing Presence
Women's Intelligent Body
Dealing With Stress — How To Cope With Everyday Living
Dealing With Stress — How To Compete In Today’s World
Dealing With Stress — How To Stop Worrying
Martha Smock The Healing Ability (Audio and Transcript)
Agnes Sanford—The Healing Light
The Four Causes of Health
God Is Healing You Now
Dealing With Stress — How To Establish Priorities
Dealing With Stress — How To Meet The Unexpected
Dealing With Stress — How To Overcome Guilt And Anger
Dealing With Stress — How To Master Money Matters
Dealing With Stress — How To Let Go
Dealing With Stress — How To Outwit The Devil
Dealing With Stress — How To Break The Time Barrier
Dealing With Stress — How To Be At Home In Your World
On Wings Of Truth (Video)
May Rowland - Healing Workshop - Tape 1
A Talk on Christian Healing
The Master's Way of Healing
Correspondence School - Lesson 2 - Healing
Dealing With Stress — How To Establish Positive Human Relationships
Myrtle Fillmore's Healing Letters (Audio)
May Rowland - Healing Workshop - Tape 3
Twelve Powers
Regeneration of the Body
Ed Rabel Christian Healing Video Lecture One
Ed Rabel Christian Healing Video Lecture Two
Ed Rabel - Christian Healing Lectures (Video)
Ed Rabel Christian Healing Video Lecture Three
Jesus Christ Heals Lecture Three
Ed Rabel Christian Healing Video Lecture Four
Jesus Christ Heals Lecture Four
Twelve Powers of Man
Jesus Christ Heals Lectures (Video)
Jesus Christ Heals Lecture One
God is the Answer
Jesus Christ Heals Lecture Two
Ed Rabel Christian Healing Video Lecture Five
Fillmore Festival 1998 - Joyce Kramer
Ed Rabel - The Nature of Truth (Audio)
Ed Rabel - The Effective Bible (Audio)
Ed Rabel - Love in the Bible 2
Ed Rabel - Love In The Bible Lectures (Video)
Ed Rabel—Gospel Mysteries 4
Teach Us To Pray Unity Lenten Program (1952)
Ed Rabel - Love in the Bible 1
Ed Rabel-Gospel Mysteries 3
Ed Rabel-Gospel Mysteries 2
Ed Rabel—Gospel Mysteries 1
Ed Rabel - Gospel Mysteries Lectures (Video)
Ed Rabel - Unity Authors - Charles Neal
Ed Rabel - Unity Authors - Emilie Cady
Ed Rabel - Unity Authors Lectures (Video)
Twelve Oils, Twelve Powers (Oct 5-9, 2015)
Ed Rabel - Twelve Powers of Man (Audio)
Gifts of the Magi: A Healing Oils Workshop (Dec 5, 2015)
Ed Rabel - Metaphysics of the Sermon on the Mount (Audio)