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2020-03-29 Science & Faith in Pandemic Times
2020-03-27 Eric Butterworth Podcast Episode 61
2020-03-22 You Are a Church, Individually
2020-03-20 Eric Butterworth Podcast Episode 60
2020-03-15 A Letter to Congregants at Unity in Baltimore
2020-02-09 Stories of African Americans in Unity
2020-02-08 The Beautiful Way of Life
2020-02-08 Charles and Betty Lelly
2020-02-02 Anatomy of Peace 4—Justification or Peace, Which?
2020-01-30 Mary Kupferle Guidelines to Prayer
2020-01-26 Anatomy of Peace 3—The Burden of Justification
2020-01-24 Update on Montee Falls and Mildred Davis
2020-01-19 Rev. Ernest Mitchell—MLK Sunday
2020-01-18 SEE course scheduled in Baltimore MD
2020-01-14 He Healeth Me (tract)
2020-01-12 Anatomy of Peace 2—The Right Thing and The Right Way
2020-01-05 Anatomy of Peace 1—How To Love Your Enemies
2019-12-29 From Metaphysics to Mysticism
2019-12-28 Eric Butterworth Creative Process
2019-12-22 Manger Consciousness
2019-12-15 Our Power of Conception
2019-12-08 Protecting Your Christ Child
2019-12-01 Jesus the Christ is Born So That ...
2019-11-24 An Explanation of Resurrection That Makes Sense
2019-11-24 Fillmore Bible—1 Corinthians 15
2019-11-17 Do you really want to go to heaven?
2019-11-10 Prosperity and the 12 Powers—6
2019-11-03 Prosperity and the 12 Powers—5
2019-10-27 Prosperity and the 12 Powers—4
2019-10-20 Prosperity and the 12 Powers—3
2019-10-13 Prosperity and the 12 Powers—2
2019-10-06 Prosperity and the 12 Powers—1
2019-09-29 How to Introduce Metaphysical Christianity
2019-09-22 Emile Cady’s Garden of the Heart
2019-09-15 How to be Born Again, Metaphysically
2019-09-08 How to make sense of the divinity of Jesus
2019-09-01 Why We should Be Preaching Emily Cady’s Theology of Desire
2019-08-25 Bylaws, Branding and the Bifurcation of the Unity Movement Part 3
2019-08-18 Bylaws, Branding and the Bifurcation of the Unity Movement Part 2
2019-08-11 Bylaws, Branding and the Bifurcation of the Unity Movement Part 1
2019-08-04 Why Unity ministers can't find jobs and what we can do about it
2019-07-28 How to get a Divine Idea out of your mind and into your world
2019-07-21 The Only Two Denials That Really Matter (the ones we too often ignore)
2019-07-14 The Most Important Spiritual Discipline in Unity (It's not prayer)
2019-07-08 Arabic—Charles Roth The Beatitudes
2019-07-07 The Era Of Metaphysical Christianity Is Here
2019-06-30 Practical Christianity—It Works!
2019-06-29 A Sure Way to Wealth—Bernard Dozier
2019-06-26 Poise—Richard Lynch
2019-06-23 Seven ways Unity is not as inclusive as we think
2019-06-16 “True there is Law, but there is Gospel also.”
2019-06-09 The Bright Side by Bernard Dozier
2019-06-02 Emilie Cady's Democratization of Spiritual Gifts
2019-05-26 Fillmore Study Bible—Obadiah
2019-05-19 How Unity has taught Metaphysics
2019-05-12 Women's Artistry—I Co-create with God
2019-05-05 What is Unity? by Eric Butterworth
2019-05-04 Unity's Seventy Years of Faith and Works
2019-04-28 I'm here so that ...
2019-04-27 Ruth Gilpin Johnston ordination photo
2019-04-21 Podcast: The Easter Perspective
2019-04-19 An explanation of the crucifixion that makes sense
2019-04-18 Take, eat, this is my body
2019-04-14 Eric Butterworth: Palms and Passover
2019-04-07 Is Unity Christian, Does It Matter?
2019-03-31 What Shall We Feed the Children?
2019-03-24 The Grace of God—A Lenten Lecture
2019-03-17 A 12-Week Course for Unity Centers
2019-03-16 Ruthanna Schennck - Be Ye Prospered
2019-03-10 James Dillet Freeman Unleashed
2019-03-03 Alinda and Coco Ramos
2019-02-24 Richard Billings—My Soul Remembers
2019-02-17 Ernest Mitchell Unity Baltimore
2019-02-10 Why We Need a Unity Minister’s Association
2019-02-03 Warren Kreml's Appeal for Diversity
2019-01-27 21 Songs by Charles King
2019-01-20 Charles King profile
2019-01-18 Ida Bowles profile updated
2019-01-13 Unity Archives Project update
2019-01-13 Grace Awakening Audio Recording
2019-01-06 Jonah—Fillmore Study Bible
2018-12-30 Unity's Emancipation Proclamation
2018-12-16 Can there be peace in Unity?
2018-12-02 Fillmore Study Bible Launch
2018-11-15 Hal and Lassie Rosencrans
2018-11-15 Rosencrans 12 Powers Talks
2018-10-21 Backpage text Fillmore Study Bible
2018-10-21 Info about Fillmore Bible Society
2018-10-07 Blaine Mays 2015 video interview
2018-10-01 Ida Mingle — The Day of the Harvest
2018-09-30 Why I am a Metaphysical Christian
2018-09-16 Agnes Sanford—The Healing Light
2018-09-09 Talk on Disrupting Unity
2018-09-02 Imelda Shanklin — Genesis 8
2018-09-01 Metaphysical Law of the I AM
2018-08-30 I Kings 8:1-11 Commentary
2018-08-13 John 1 annotated
2018-08-05 Justice in Finances
2018-08-04 Scripture Authority for a Vegetarian
2018-08-04 Grandma Fillmore's Recipe for Mince Pie
2018-08-02 What You Are Doing Through Your Support
2018-08-02 What Prayer Can Do For You
2018-08-02 Justice Is an Expression of God's Love
2018-07-29 Three Things That Inspired Me This Week
2018-07-22 Temple Talks by Charles Fillmore
2018-07-15 The True Christ—W.L. Walker
2018-07-15 If there is a Christ in me ...
2018-07-12 Working With God—Gardner Hunting
2018-07-06 Catherine Brooks—St. Petersburg
2018-07-06 Sallye Taylor profile
2018-07-01 The Ethics of Diet
2018-06-24 Unity Archives Project
2018-06-23 Eric and Olga: Meditations and Lessons
2018-06-17 Positive Change in Nigeria
2018-06-17 Prosperity Lesson at 2018 Convention
2018-06-12 Mildred Mann Bible Interpretation
2018-06-10 Mystic Keys of Hermes
2018-06-03 Theologia Germanica
2018-06-01 Unity Magazine—June 1918
2018-06-01 Charles Roth—The Christ Within
2018-05-29 Mysteries of the Christos
2018-05-29 John Rankin Sermons
2018-05-28 Frank Whitney – Open Doors
2018-05-28 Frank Whitney – Mightier Than Circumstance
2018-05-27 “Metaphysical Pharmacopoeia”
2018-05-22 Frank Giudici Radio Broadcasts
2018-05-20 Grace: The Master Key (1947)
2018-05-13 Flo and Hal Dibblee profile
2018-05-06 The Game of Life and How To Play It
2018-04-29 Joel Baehr profile
2018-04-29 When “Prayer Never Fails”, Fails
2018-04-22 Holy Bread by Zelia M. Waters
2018-04-16 PDF for Unity Song Selections
2018-04-15 Janet and Wayne Manning
2018-04-15 Janet Manning Words and Music
2018-04-11 Eric Butterworth Speaks
2018-04-08 Ernest Wilson Autobiography
2018-04-01 Jesus Christ, An Ever Present Reality
2018-03-25 Words of Jesus transcribed
2018-03-18 Thirteen insights into Unity visitors
2018-03-11 Dreamworks: Fillmore & Jung
2018-02-25 Overview of Christian Scriptures
2018-02-13 Stan Hampson — Ask a Better Question
2018-02-12 Frank Pounders — Breaking Negativity
2018-02-12 Margaret Pounders — Meditations
2018-02-11 Catherine Ponder letter to Mark Hicks
2018-02-06 Love-Powered Living
2018-02-01 Act or React - It's Your Choice
2018-01-28 How to study the Book of Revelation
2018-01-26 Ed Rabel commentary on Revelation
2018-01-08 Ruthanna Schennck - Heal Thyself
2018-01-01 New Year's Greetings from Charles
2017-12-24 Christmas Letter from 1947
2017-12-23 Charles Roth talks are downloadable
2017-12-22 Dealing With Stress Through Spiritual Methods
2017-12-17 What is Practical Christianity? (tract)
2017-12-08 Helen Mouton Profile
2017-12-07 Richard (Meri Ka Ra) Byrd
2017-11-30 The African American in Unity History
2017-11-28 Weekly Unity for 1909-1911
2017-11-27 The Consecration of the Room
2017-11-26 Charles Fillmore's Two Options
2017-11-25 Chas Fillmore to Georgiana Tree West
2017-11-24 Ed Rabel on Later Fillmore Christology
2017-11-16 Unselfishness As a Factor In Body Sustenance
2017-11-16 Prosperity and Success (Tract)
2017-11-16 Tithing As a Means of Demonstrating Prosperity
2017-11-15 The Lord's Prayer (Shanklin)
2017-11-14 Teach Us To Pray Lenten Program
2017-11-12 Unpublished Fillmore
2017-11-11 The Hidden Man of the Bible
2017-11-10 None of These Things Move Me (tract)
2017-11-08 The Vegetarian by Royal Fillmore
2017-11-01 The Story of Jesus' Soul Evolution
2017-10-30 The Healing Presence
2017-10-23 Nigerian Unity Radio Programs (Audio)
2017-10-22 What Is Your Dedication and Covenant?
2017-10-15 The Peace That Passes All Misunderstanding
2017-10-14 Our Songs
2017-10-13 Ed Rabel video on The Creative Process
2017-10-12 Ed Rabel video on The Trinity
2017-10-11 Ed Rabel video on Divine Paradoxes
2017-10-10 Ed Rabel video on The Nature of God
2017-10-01 2017 Bible Gathering Slideshow
2017-09-24 2017 Bible Gathering Audio Replays
2017-09-24 2017 Fillmore Festival Audio Replays
2017-09-05 Be! by James D. Freeman
2017-08-26 Catherine Ponder talk in Austin 1991
2017-08-26 Dynamic Laws of Prosperity study resources
2017-08-16 UUMS Course History NT & Unity
2017-08-15 Unity Teachers Meeting Reports
2017-08-10 The Ten Commandments
2017-08-01 Peace Be Still Postcard
2017-07-29 Silent Unity Prayer Services
2017-07-26 New Ways To Solve Old Problems
2017-07-25 Metaphysics of the Sermon on the Mount
2017-07-25 Ed Rabel The Nature of Truth
2017-07-25 Ed Rabel The Effective Bible
2017-07-21 Ed Rabel Love in the Bible
2017-07-16 Ed Rabel Gospel Mysteries
2017-07-14 Ed Rabel talk on Emile Cady
2017-07-14 Ed Rabel talk on Charles Neal
2017-07-13 James Dillet Freeman video
2017-07-13 Rosemary Fillmore Rhea video
2017-07-13 Rosemary Fillmore
2017-07-13 James Dillet Freeman on Poetry
2017-07-13 James Dillet Freeman video 1992
2017-07-12 Dana Gatlin
2017-07-12 Unity's Fifty Golden Years
2017-07-09 Self-Awareness by Frank and Martha
2017-06-25 WOQ Radio and Nigeria
2017-06-24 Mary Wessel 1982 Interview
2017-06-19 Unity Magazine April 1970
2017-05-31 Richard Lynch 78-rpm audio
2017-05-15 Gregory Guice 2006 visit to Nigeria
2017-05-07 A Season for Healing
2017-04-23 Unity Urban Ministerial School
2017-04-09 Mystical Teachings of Christianity
2017-03-18 Jim Lewis - Biblical Favorites
2017-03-17 Jim Lewis profile
2017-03-14 Why Not Be Rich? Updated.
2017-03-13 The Psalms by Rev. Eleanor
2017-03-01 You cannot be my disciples
2017-02-28 The Feast and the Guests transcribed
2017-02-23 Butterworth on New Thought
2017-02-22 Butterworth on The Paranormal
2017-02-21 Butterworth on The Occult
2017-02-20 Butterworth on Emmet Fox & Ernest Holmes
2017-01-31 Real-I-zation by Ralph O'Day
2017-01-30 Powers of the Soul Ella Pomeroy
2017-01-22 Why does God allow evil and suffering?
2017-01-16 Godless Metaphysics - Reply to Critics
2017-01-15 Godless Metaphysics
2017-01-08 The hinge is off in Unity
2017-01-06 Butterworth on Charles & Myrtle
2017-01-04 Butterworth on Mary Baker Eddy
2016-12-31 Butterworth on Quimby
2016-12-30 Butterworth on Transcendentalism
2016-12-29 The Varieties of Religious Experience
2016-12-28 Butterworth on Psychology
2016-12-27 Butterworth on Philosophy
2016-12-25 We are born in bondedness
2016-12-18 I Feel the Presence transcribed
2016-12-15 The Healing Ability Transcribed
2016-12-11 I Behold The Christ In You
2016-12-04 Can Christ Prevent War?
2016-12-02 James Decker Magnificent Decsion
2016-12-01 The Unreality of Matter
2016-11-30 The twelve positive emotions
2016-11-29 Metaphysical Religion