Eric Butterworth Unity Podcast

Eric Butterworth Unity Podcast Here are recordings and transcripts of talks given by Eric Butterworth and meditations given by Olga Butterworth at Unity Center of New York. Most of them are from their Sunday services at Avery Fisher Hall, but there are a few others that were given at their summer retreats. There are also a few recordings of guest speakers and of some special events at the center.

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Podcast Episodesort ascending Date Podcast Episode Title
EBUP 61 2020-03-27 How to Recession-Proof Your Life—3—Harness Your Faith Power
EBUP 60 2020-03-20 How to Recession-Proof Your Life—2—Security In a Changing World
EBUP 59 2019-08-02 How to Recession-Proof Your Life—1—Resolving Your S and L Dilemma
EBUP 58 2019-07-26 How to Defuse Anger
EBUP 57 2019-07-19 How God Sees You
EBUP 56 2019-07-12 A Plan for Your Entirement
EBUP 55 2019-07-05 A Secret Talisman
EBUP 54 2019-06-28 Merton Thorpe at Unity of NYC — Hold It
EBUP 53 2019-06-21 The Drift of the Tide
EBUP 52 2019-06-14 The David-Goliath Syndrome
EBUP 51 2019-06-07 The Courage To Be You
EBUP 50 2019-05-31 The Gospel Truth -3- An End to Dogma Eat Dogma
EBUP 49 2019-05-24 The Gospel Truth -2- How the Way Was Lost
EBUP 48 2019-05-17 The Gospel Truth -1- The Way, the Truth and the Life
EBUP 47 2019-05-10 Good Cause For Thanksgiving - 30th Anniversary Celebration
EBUP 46 2019-05-03 Great Expectations
EBUP 45 2019-04-26 Giants and Grasshoppers
EBUP 44 2019-04-19 The Easter Perspective
EBUP 43 2019-04-14 Palms and Passover
EBUP 42 2019-04-12 The Dawning Light of Easter
EBUP 41 2019-04-05 Getting To Know Yourself
EBUP 40 2019-03-29 Faith Healing vs Healing Faith
EBUP 39 2019-03-22 Expand Your God Concept
EBUP 38 2019-03-15 Easter's Rolling Stone
EBUP 37 2019-03-08 Excess Baggage
EBUP 36 2019-03-01 A Formula for Good Fortune
EBUP 35 2019-02-22 Divine Discontent
EBUP 34 2019-02-15 Discover the Secret of Life -6- Living In a Prodigal Universe
EBUP 33 2019-02-08 Discover the Power Within You -13- When Shall the Kingdom Come?
EBUP 32 2019-02-01 Discover the Power Within You -11- The Great Demonstration
EBUP 31 2019-01-25 Discover the Power Within You -8- The Gospel of Prosperity
EBUP 30 2019-01-18 Discover the Power Within You -5- Your Thought Is Your Life
EBUP 29 2019-01-11 Discover the Power Within You -2- The Larger Thought of God
EBUP 28 2019-01-04 Develop Your Inner Power
EBUP 27 2018-12-28 Decisions Without Strain
EBUP 26 2018-12-21 Home For Christmas
EBUP 25 2018-12-14 Christmas In Three Dimensions
EBUP 24 2018-12-07 Christmas: A Cosmic Insight
EBUP 23 2018-11-30 The Christmas Perspective
EBUP 22 2018-11-23 Discover the Wonder of Giving
EBUP 21 2018-11-16 Come Ye Thankful People
EBUP 20 2018-11-09 Creative Serendipity
EBUP 19 2018-11-02 Countdown To Success
EBUP 18 2018-10-26 Coping With Job-Related Disappointment
EBUP 17 2018-10-19 Celebration of Love
EBUP 16 2018-10-12 Circle of Light
EBUP 15 2018-10-05 The Alpha and Omega
EBUP 14 2018-09-28 The All or None Law
EBUP 13 2018-09-21 Bringing in the Sheaves
EBUP 12 2018-09-14 Breakthrough to Wholeness
EBUP 11 2018-09-07 Bonding or Binding
EBUP 10 2018-08-31 Adventures In Self-Discovery -7- Your Power to Be Happy
EBUP 9 2018-08-24 Adventures In Self-Discovery -1- Your Power to Succeed
EBUP 8 2018-08-17 A New Insight Into Holy Communion
EBUP 7 2018-08-10 A Course in Practical Metaphysics -6- The Cosmic Process of Love
EBUP 6 2018-08-03 A Contract for 1986
EBUP 5 2018-07-27 Affirmation vs. Auto-Suggestion
EBUP 4 2018-07-20 A Smile On Your Face—A Song In Your Heart—A Spring In Your Step
EBUP 3 2018-07-13 Alive, Awake, Enthusiastic
EBUP 2 2018-06-29 An Attitude of Gratitude
EBUP 1 2018-06-22 An Affair of the Heart